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Sesshin november 2021

So we just finished 2 days retreat (sesshin) with Såzen Osho this weekend at Haugesund ZEN senter.  11 practicioners and dharmafriends joined together in this very small period of time dedicated to meditation practice, which means  looking (directly) into our lives. To put all other affairs aside for a period, gives a real opportunity for our mind to settle down, to let the turbidity fall down, so we can see clearly. We all suffer, and so we ask ourselves, what is this? What is this life, what am I? That is not a task for our thinking mind, it is simply a matter of really, truly seeing ... what IS? There is no mirrow on the wall that can reflect your mind, ... but in ZEN, this is excactly what we do, moment by moment, reflecting back, what is having this experince. Thank you everyone for your strong practice. Really a precious thing to practice with you all, and deep gratitue to Såzen Osho who led us through these two days.